The increasing demand for organic vegetables in Cambodia, led GOF to venture into the organiceld in 2009. In 2012, GOF shifted their farm operations to Kampong Speu province, after persuading local farmers from six villages to join hands with company. The villages are located in Angdong Sla village, Anglong thorm village, Tompong village,Krang Speu village, Kahang village and Som Pan Village. About 80 farmers are growing and providing fresh organic vegetables to GOF. In effect about 400 people in these six villages have been engaged in this organic production.

Our Vision

Our company tries to improve and instruct our farmers to use agriculture products with right condition and get best quality and quantity. We're doing researches and developing from resources in Cambodia for produce organic vegetables. We preserve the natural resources and protect the environment.

Our Mission

GOF’s mission is to convince Cambodian​ that organic produce is much better than produce which has been grown with the help of pesticides.

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Our mart have a lot of vegetables, fruits and groceries. We delivery every kind of products that our mart have in stock you can contact us by calling or visit our shop ..

Our Sources

Currently the farmers grow various types of lettuce and Leaf, herbs, Fruit, Root and wine crop under open field conditions. These varieties take between six to eight weeks from planting to harvesting.

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